Supply Chain Finance


What is it?

Supply Chain Finance offers you a specialist structured finance product designed specifically to support your business and ensure a healthy supply chain. It ensures that suppliers receive fast payment against invoices, at competitive rates and improves your ongoing working capital.

The Benefits to you

  • Increased transparency and competitive pricing agreed upfront;
  • No costs to clients if supplier pays the costs in return for receiving early payment;
  • No security is required, the facility works alongside existing finance arrangements;
  • Fully flexible, with no fixed term contracts;
  • Improved liquidity and margins;
  • Enables you to take advantage of early settlement discounts.

The Benefits to your suppliers

  • Improved working capital;
  • Increased transparency and fixed price with no hidden fees;
  • Fast and simple to use;
  • No security required;
  • Reduced credit control and administration costs.

What does it cost?

The cost of funding is agreed in advance and can be paid either by you or by your suppliers.

What are the requirements?

Our starting level for supply chain finance is £250k, with an upper funding limit of £15m.

How does it work?

  1. We agree the facility together and ensure you know how it works and the fees involved.
  2. You identify and we agree which suppliers you would like to include in the programme.
  3. Together we introduce these suppliers to the programme.
  4. You send confirmation of approved invoices to Sancus and we generate a promissory note.
  5. You authorise the promissory note and the funds are paid to your supplier within four days.
  6. You engage with your suppliers as normal and pay Sancus back at agreed repayment date.