Vendor Partner Programme


What is it?

Our Vendor Partner Programme (VPP) offers a specialist structured finance product designed specifically for businesses looking to support the cash position and purchasing capability of their customer base. It allows you to offer your customers a working capital solution, through reducing their trade accounts with you by payment of your invoices, with no impact on their cash flow.

The Benefits to you

  • Supports your revenue growth without the credit risk;
  • Improves your working capital;
  • Works alongside existing funding arrangements;
  • No cost to your business and no recourse to you should one of your customers’ default.

The Benefits to your customers

  • Increased purchasing capability by remaining within your trade account limits;
  • Improved working capital with no security required;
  • Increased credit terms, improving liquidity and margins;
  • Flexible Funding, on a per invoice basis with no fixed term contracts;
  • Transparent & competitive pricing;
  • Fast and simple to use via our online portal.

What does it cost?

You do not pay the fees, we charge the pre-agreed fixed fees to your customer each time they use the facility.

What are the requirements?

Our starting level for the VPP is £25k, with an upper limit of £15m funding limit.

How does it work?

  1. We agree the facility together and make your customers aware of the funding solution.
  2. Your customers contact us and we agree the facility with them, including the fees.
  3. You continue to invoice your customer for goods supplied.
  4. Your customer issues Sancus with a promissory note.
  5. Your customer advises Sancus to pay you selected invoices.
  6. Sancus pay you the value of the selected invoices.
  7. Your customer repays Sancus at the end of the agreed repayment period.