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ESG Policy

Sancus Lending Group Limited, ESG Policy




This policy applies to the following entities of Sancus Lending Group Limited (collectively the “Sancus Group” and each “Sancus”), which include: Sancus Group Holdings Limited, Sancus Lending (Guernsey) Ltd; Sancus Lending (Jersey) Ltd; Sancus Lending (UK) Ltd; and Sancus Lending (Ireland) Ltd.

The Holdco Board of Directors will be referred to as the “Holdco Board” and the Board of each Group Entity will be known as the “Board” and the “Boards” collectively. 


2. Sancus’ position on ESG  


At Sancus, we are committed to taking ESG risks seriously. We recognise our responsibility to incorporate sustainability in the operations of our own business, be custodians of the environment and practice good stewardship of our stakeholders’ interests. ESG is an on-going process, one we are committed to continuously improving and strengthening our knowledge and expertise in.    

As a responsible lender working within regulated sectors, we understand the importance of integrating ESG considerations into our operations and culture.  



The board of Sancus Lending Group Limited, acting through Holdco has established an ESG focus group which is responsible for setting the strategy, framework and processes for ESG integration within the Group and across the lending process. 

The ESG lead & Co-lead, supported by the ESG focus group are responsible for: 

  • setting the strategic direction of ESG at Sancus, in alignment with the Group strategy; 
  • communicating and instructing relevant Sancus staff on the contents of the Policy; 
  • advising and acting accordingly on any breaches of the Policy; and 
  • ongoing review and recommendation of amendments to the Policy. 


3. Implementation of our ESG Policy  


In order to address and monitor the key ESG issues Sancus has identified,  Sancus has implemented a number of ESG initiatives which are enshrined in this ESG Policy. The process of creating its ESG Policy involved ascertaining which factors are material to our business, establishing our baseline, setting objectives & goals, assessing the gap between goals and baseline, establishing a roadmap, setting KPIs and reporting on progress to the Board. Equally, we recognise active participation and engagement at all levels of the business is of great importance to ensure ownership of our identified ESG principles by all staff.  


4. ESG Impact Areas and Mitigants


4.1. Marketplace 
  • How do the products and services we provide benefit our end-customers, suppliers and investors, and how could they be detrimental to them?; 
  • Treating customers fairly in all interactions; 
  • Commitment to protecting customers; and  
  • Responsible marketing and customer service 
4.2. Workplace 

The recruitment, retention and development of talented individuals is key to the ongoing success and growth of our business. Sancus sponsors professional qualifications and provides tailored skills training to support employees with fulfilling their roles and their personal development. Have we created a positive working environment for our people and what more could we be doing to engage and promote diversity and inclusion?  

  • Uphold employment laws and maintain fair employment conditions; 
  • Respect the rights of workers and avoid being complicit in human rights abuses; 
  • Maintain workplace health and safety standards; and 
  • Respect and promote diversity and inclusion and avoid discrimination in the workplace. 
4.3. Governance & Leadership 
  • Focus business activity which builds shareholder value and fosters sustainable long-term investment; 
  • Appoint Boards with a diverse mix of gender, skills, experience and competency; 
  • Implement remuneration structures aligned to the delivery of company strategy, long-term performance and shareholder value creation; 
  • Identify and manage all material risk factors, including regulatory, business and ESG risks; and  
  • Implement and maintain robust AML and KYC processes, which are appropriate to identify and prevent proliferation of financial crime. 
4.4. Community 
  • Supporting Regional economic development and prosperity; and 
  • Supporting delivery of much needed homes across our jurisdictions.  
4.5. Environment 
  • What do we do that harms our environment, and what can we do to protect it?; 
  • Commitment towards resource efficiency (energy, water, waste) and greenhouse gas emission reductions; 
  • Identify the environmental impact of their operations and implement reasonable measures to minimise negative impacts; and 
  • Identify climate change related risks and develop strategies for managing material risks. 


5. Best Practice Guidance and Frameworks  


  • Greenhouse Gas Protocol  
    • We have established a carbon accounting system for greenhouse gases (GHG’s) following the methodology set out in the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard.  
  • National TOMS  
    • We are using the National TOMs Framework to identify, measure and report on our social value.  
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 
    • We have used the SDGs framework to inform our materiality assessment to support identifying priority areas where we can contribute to sustainable development. 


6. Review 


This Policy will be reviewed as requires pursuant to any legislative, regulatory or business changes. As a minimum, Sancus endeavours to maintain compliance with legislative requirements. 

Risk Warning: Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose money. This is a high-risk investment. You may not be able to access your money easily and are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 mins to learn more.

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