Shareholder information

Circular and Notice of Class Meetings and EGM

Circular re: Tender Offer for ZDP Shares and Notice of EGM dated 1 April 2021

Notice of AGM 2021

Notice of AGM 2020

Circular and Notice of Class Meetings and EGM dated 17 November 2020

Tender Offer for ZDP Shares and Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting

Notice of AGM on 10 May 2019

Proposals for the Continuation of the ZDP Shares, Notices of Class Meetings & EGM on 8 November 2019 and Forms of Proxy

Notice of EGM on 29 March 2019

Notice of AGM 2018

Notice of AGM 2017

Notice of AGM 2016

Notice of EGM 2016

2016 Fourth Interim Dividend Circular

2016 Third Interim Dividend Circular

2016 First Interim Dividend Circular

2016 Second Interim Dividend Circular

Proposed acquisition of interests & notice of EGM

Publication of Bond Circular

Proposed issue of warrants and disapplication of pre-emption rights and Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting

Notice of EGM (2020 ZDP shares)

2015 Fourth Interim Dividend Circular

2015 Third Interim Dividend Circular

2015 Second Interim Dividend Circular

2015 First Interim Dividend Circular

ZDP Prospectus 28 September 2015 (2019 ZDPs)

ZDP Prospectus 3 December 2015 (2020 ZDPs)

Notice of AGM 2015

Placing Circular & Notice of EGM

Notice of AGM 2021

Notice of AGM 2021

2014 Forth Interim Dividend Circular

2014 Third Interim Dividend Circular

2014 Second Interim Dividend Circular

2014 First Interim Dividend Circular

Proposed Acquisition of Sancus circular 2014

Circular – Change of investing policy and CISX de-listing November 2013

Listing Document – Placing and Notice of EGM 2013

Notice of AGM 2012

Listing Document – Consideration Issue and Placing Nov 12

Greenwich Loan Income Fund Limited – Prospectus Equivalent Document 2010

GLIF Prospectus Equivalent Document 16 December 2010

GLIF Prospectus Equivalent Document 16 December 2010

AMIC Circular 16 December 2010

Form of Proxy

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